Jan 22, 2009

Games for WiseWorld

I work for a company called WiseHealth, Inc. They have a website called Wisenhimer.com it's an online playground for kids where you have your own avatar, a treehouse that you can decorate, and a Town Center to walk around, chat with other people, and play games in. However, most of my work cannot be seen on the homepage. (Except for the VIDEO TOUR that was a collaborative effort between myself, my coworker and college friend Dave Poyner, and my college roomate Brad Davis) Most of my work is in WiseWorld, the home of the treehouse and town center. Each building in the town center can be "entered" where you move to a front view of the building and click on the door to see what games they have to offer. I enlisted the help of my friend Blaine Davis to make music and sound effects for these game UI's.

These have sound:

These don't have sound yet:

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